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Privacy policy

This privacy policy provides in-depth information on the process and method we used in handling your personal information we collect from during registration, when using our website and services or when posting adverts on Rightroom. We advise that you read carefully to fully understand how your information is handled.   By browsing our website or using any of our services, you are legally giving us your consent, which will allow us to process, store and handle your personal data in accordance with this privacy policy. Please we advice you read carefully.

1. Contacting us

For the purpose of data protection, Rightroom also addresses as Us, WeOur will be responsible for the collection, handling, and processing of any personal data provided by the users during registration and usage of our website.   If you have any queries or complains about this privacy policy and to request any personal information, we hold about you. Please contact us here.

2. Your personal information

Rightroom collects your information during registration. These include your name, gender, mobileemail address, country, and social media information. The information we collected from you enables us to, create an account for you, provide our service and provide a matching criterion.

Our Commitment to your privacy

We will ensure that your personal information mentioned above will not be disclosed to another user without your consent or unless you have disclosed it yourself. We will not sell or give out any of your information to any third party for marketing purposes without your approval. Unless you have informed us otherwise, we may use these details to notify you of other users interests, request, and adverts that match your criteria and preferences. We may also send you information about our services which may be of interest to you.

Posting adverts on Rightroom

Any information we collect on our website as a result of the adverts you placed will be collected and stored for the purpose of providing services and enable other users to search and view adverts on the site.

Data collected from posts

From time to time, we may utilize your data for the purpose of statistical analysis and for press release purposes and may be shared with a third party. However, we will ensure the security and privacy of all our users are met. Your data will not be used for any purpose not stated in this privacy policy. It is important to know that every information included in your post on our website will be visible to other users and the public. Therefore, ensure that you are satisfied and happy with the information you included in your advert.

Data collected from communications

From time to time, we may collect and keep a record of information from any communication between you and us, such as when you contact us. Further information about you may be requested for security purposes when you contact us regarding any aspect of our website or services.

We may also collect and retain a record of communication between you and another user of the site. This could be through our inbuilt messaging system. We do not monitor all communications between our users. However, we may use a communication tracking software to monitor communication in the event of an investigation or misuse of our services, illegal behaviour or breach of our terms and conditions.

We may collect information about your visits to our website for administrative, disclosing with third party websites and for security purposes. This information will be kept confidential. Visit ”the use of cookies” below for more information.

Information about your activity on our site may also be collected for improvement and provide service and information specific to you.

The third-party website may pass your information regarding a link or information you access through our website using your profile and account details. Rightroom and the third party will be co-owner and handler of the information. We advise you to check the privacy policy of the third-party websites for how they use your data.

Login and registration with third party profile

When you register or login in through Facebook profile, Twitter, Google or other third-party access, you are agreeing to share your personal information on Facebook, Twitter, Google and other third party with us. This information may be used to improve user experience and to match you with other users with similar interests, profile picture, hobbies and social preferences on the site.

3. Using your personal information

Rightroom will only use your personal information in regards to this privacy policy. We may use this information to send you different types of alerts, and adverts that match search preferences. We may also use it for customer services purposes, to contact you, deal with enquirers and for communication through the post, email, and SMS or MMS systems regarding products and services, which you have requested to be sent to you. We may also use your information to improve, develop and enhance user’s experience, while also provide the third party with statistical information regarding our users. However, this information will be protected and not used to identify the users without his or her consent.

4. Sharing and disclosing your information

We will not share, sell or distribute your information without your consent outside this privacy policy with any third party except if required or permitted by law.

However, they may be some reason we may disclose your personal information. These are listed below.

  • We may disclose your personal information if you login with your profile and account details from a third party website such as Facebook and Twitter.
  • We may disclose your information to any third party if it is necessary to allow us to provide you with any services or products that you may have requested through the site.
  • We may disclose your information to any third party who want to publish any comments or reviews you have written about our site, in any medium, including on third-party websites, so your comments and reviews can be verified by that third party.
  • We may disclose your information to any company or individual if it deemed necessary in order to allow us to enforce our legal rights or to protect the rights, property, and safety of Rightroom or its employee and customers and whenever it is required by Law. This also applies to any acquirer or potential acquirer.

Please be aware that adverts, reviews and comments and any public aspects of the site will be made visible to the public and to other users, anywhere in the UK and worldwide. Therefore we advise that you check and ensure any information you are submitting about yourself are to your satisfaction and you permit us to make it publicly viewable to other users.

5. The use of cookies

Rightroom uses cookies to improve the functionality, service quality and responsiveness of the site. It also allows users to navigate easily and use website features effectively. A cookie is a string of information that a website stores on a visitor’s computer, it tracks the visitor’s browser and enable the visitor’s browser provides this information each time the visitor return. The use of cookies also allow our website to remember and save your choices on our websites such as your favourites Ads, flatmates, and properties interests, friends, posted adverts, password and login details.

6. Other uses of cookies

Google analytics

We may use Google Analytics for analyzing our website traffic and information reporting about the number and frequency of users. This is possible through the use of cookies on the users’ computer. However, we will ensure users are not identified by this information. We may also use Google Analytics to record when the user views specific information or perform a certain action on the site and also develop an understanding of who our customers are and their interests. You can find out how to deactivate cookies from your computer here.

Google Adwords

We may also use cookies in the form of Google AdWords to see the pages that most influence user decisions in order to make better use of our advertising and digital marketing. You can choose to deactivate AdWords here.

7. Controlling cookies

We may install cookies on your computer when you visit our website. You can change settings on a computer to reject cookies depending on the type of browser. These settings will typically be found in the ‘options’ or ‘preferences menu of your browser. Please make sure you understand your browser and its cooking setting. For more support use the “Help” option in your browser.

However, it would be of more benefit to you not to turn off cookies when using Rightroom as you may loose out of many of our unique website services. if you decided to continue browsing our website, you are agreeing to the use of cookies according to this privacy policy.

8. Third-party websites, contents, adverts, and links

We advise that you may come across third-party content, link to websites, advertisement, and microsites owned by third parties website. We advice that these third parties may place cookies on your computer. We hereby do not control, liable or responsible for these third parties websites, adverts, and the cookies.

This privacy policy does not cover such other third parties contents and activities including cookies and microsites. It is, however, your responsibilities to ensure any information collected or placed on your laptop by the third party when you click on the links will be used in accordance to with the third parties privacy policy. We advise that you visit the terms and condition and understand the privacy and policy of the third party websites, adverts and activities to find out what purpose and usage your personal data is collected including the purpose of the cookies.

9. Your payment information

Rightroom do not currently charge users for any usage or services of its website. We may decide to charge for some of our services in the future. If this is the case we will advise users of the changes as it unfolds. Be vigilant and do not give out your payment details to any user on the website. It is, however, your responsibilities when you provide your personal and payment details during your visit to any third party website.

10. Your rights as a user

As a user, you have the right to know what personal information we have about you. You may at any time advise us of any changes you wish to be made to your personal information.

If you decide to make these changes, please do not hesitate to contact us using our contact information or visit our contact us page. You can also update your account information through your ”Profile page”

11. Safety, security and data handling

There are several technological and security measures adopted in order to keep you safe on our website. We do all in our best to keep you safe and protect you from intruders and illegal access to any of your personal and sensitive information we may hold about you. However, it is your responsibility to ensure you do not give out any sensitive information to strangers on the site. We operate a social networking style of operation, therefore, we warn you of any social activity or irresponsible handling of your data. In the event the security of your information is being compromised in due to this, it is thereby no longer our responsibility and this makes you liable for any misfortune.

We inform you that the transmission of information over the internet is insecure. Therefore, we cannot guarantee the security of any data sent and transfer through the internet. However, we will continue to adapt and develop appropriate and adequate organisation measures to protect our user’s data.

12. Possible changes to our privacy policy

Rightroom reserves all the right to make any changes to this privacy policy at any time. We may, however, notify you of any changes either through email if necessary and will also be made available on our website.

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