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Protecting yourself and money

Posted by Media Team on December 29, 2019

When searching for a property, the first thing you must do is to check every detail in the advert and if anything seems suspicious or looks too good to be true, then you should be careful. You should normally check:

  • That there is a picture and ensure it doesn’t look suspicion in any way.
  • The price is not too cheap or too expensive for the area.
  • If the advertiser is asking for any money in advance before they show you the property.
  • If the advertiser is asking to pay any money through wire transfer.
  • If the response from the advertiser does not tally with what was advertised.

If you are suspicious of the advert in any way report the advert.

Viewing the Property

More importantly, always ensure that you view the property before making any payment to the landlord or agent. Before you make any payment make sure that you are comfortable with the property and ask as many question as possible. You can ask about the terms of the contract and other certain rules regarding the property.

If you are viewing a property especially for women try not to go alone and inform people where you are going including the address and the person. Do not accept to meet anywhere else except the property. When you get to the address look around properly to see if the area is secure enough to live in.

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