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Know your right as a tenant or lodger

Posted by Media Team on December 29, 2019

As a tenent you have certain right that protect you and your landlord. However, the right you will have will depend on if you are living with your landlord in the same flat (flashare) or not. If you are living with your landlord, you are considered a lodger so you have more like a licence to live in the house and not tenancy. This is the main distinction between a tenant and a lodger, althouhg the terms are often used interchangably.

Living with a Landlord

If you are living with your landlord then consder the house the landlord’s main place of residence, so most contracts will usully be in their favour. Hoever, if they want you to leave the house, they should normally provide you a 28 days notice or sometimes less. In all circumsance, it is recommended that a contract is signed between you and the landlord highlighting set of rules before you move into the house.

Live out Landlord and Agents

If you are not living with your landlord – which is most likley and common, it is very important that you a contract as a tenant. In this instance the right you will have will depend on the terms of the contract or agreement you signed with the landlord or agent. The most important aspect you must have in mind is that you will be expected to see out the length of your contract so as the landlord. Any alteration to this agreement should be by a mutual agreement. This will give you a better security in the future in the ocurence of an event.

Unlike people living with landlord (lodger) you have the total right your space for the length of the contract. in the event that the landlord needs to enter your room or accomodation, they shold inform you usually 24 hours in advnace –  except in an emergency.

Point to note

Your landlord or agent has the right to evict you if you have broken your tenancy agreement. For example, by not paying your rent.

If there is any damage to the house in any way or form, always inform your landlord or agents to avoid making things worse or be held responsible for the damage especally if this is not your fault.

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